Round up from the workshop

Some of the team

Some of the team after the workshop 🙂

Wow, what a brilliant day with some amazing young people.  October 26th saw our second day of engagement with young carers in the East and the first full creative development opportunity.

The team came away with a lot of useful information and insights which are going to directly inform and influence the script and staging of Freefall.

A few key highlights about what the show will become include:

  • Message: “there is stuff out there for you”
  • Message: “dont hide”
  • Structure: “should have its ups and downs”
  • Styling: “funny moments and drama”
  • Theme: “Super Clock” – the idea of time

The day was principally facilitated by Stuart and involved the whole team in discussing their experiences of caring, getting to know the ideas of the project and importantly, what ‘super powers’ we all would have in relation to making a big difference to our lives and others.

Through the activities and workshops we developed a good sense of what the production might involve, what messages should be covered through the piece and the workshop alongside it, and how the young carers can share their voice throughout.

One such way for sharing their voice was the agreement for the young carers to be posting their own reviews, ideas and help for other young carers.  This will be achieved in a very similar way to the Tiny Treasure project produced in Darlington between Young Carers Revolution & Theatre Hullabaloo.  Their blog site incorporates a record of the development process and reflections from the young people involved.  Take a look at this previous work here:

The conversations also included more project strategy too, and a discussion around fundraising and ways for the young carers to be involved.  There was an overwhelming sense of desire and want to be involved in everything from the casting audition to presenting alongside us to bring on corporate sponsors.  And we have collected some incredible quotes and messages to further enhance our funding applications.

The evidence of need is absolutely there.

We look forward to to future workshops and really hope to secure ongoing funding for the project and to enable us to provide the opportunity for the young people to gain Arts Awards too.