8th December Headlines!

From the Director:
20 talented and motivated actresses arrived at the Actors Centre on Friday (5th). It was a workshop audition as opposed to a one to one. They worked with the brilliant Helen Parlor for an hour creating their own movement and choreography and matching it with a short monologue from the play. As the day went on 20 became 10, 10 became 2…and now we are pondering as to who, out of the two brilliant young actresses, we want to become our Jas.
From the Choreographer:
Motivated and inspired by the action in the room on Friday. Different and interesting slants on a character and story provoking us to think differently and move us forward with the story of Freefall. Moved by the generosity of the actresses who spent time with us. They moved fearlessly in and out of tasks and scenes we set; an inspiring day! Looking forward to the next part of our journey….