Initial Development – Day 2

sat1So today was that much more relaxed, no fast moving dance! We had a great day exploring the script in greater detail, developing ideas for projection mapping, set, sound and textual amends.

We welcomed three new artists to the team this morning, Amelia Bird as our Designer, Will Simpson as our Projection Designer (Digital Artist) and Simon McCorry, Composer.sat2

The morning began with a recap of yesterday’s events, watching the dance sequence created as a representation of the character, catching a few pictures to jeer us along and then getting a full briefing from Anna and Stuart (Writer and Director) as to the developments already made to Draft 2 just yesterday!sat3

Then we took a seat, and spent a few hours nearly, reading the whole play.  We all took copious notes, drawing across the table’s flipcharts and stopping every few pages at least to dissect the play.  This important process of really understanding the character’s emotions, discussing the potential staging, exploring how we represent the characters and brainstorming our potential representation of the words through our work.sat5

The play is powerful, and the ideas are a plenty.

After a team lunch from the wonderful local cafe, we returned to Wells Way Pop-Up and broke out.  Simon & Anna worked hard on the sound scape, establishing the theme of sounds and style of music.  Will & Amelia explored ideas for how to create Jas’ world.  Finding ways to use projection, animation and physical surfaces in a unique way; including how to trigger all such moments.sat4

We re-grouped late in the day, shared the ideas and discussed them across the whole creative team before an end to a very successful day.

Tomorrow we work on Jas’ world, with more practical exploration of the digital projection and potential options for set.