Initial Development – Day 3

IMG_0923On Day 3 of Freefall’s initial development we had a low key and focussed affair whereby the designer (Amelia) gathered materials that morning whilst the Director (Stuart) and I (Producer) made more plans for the next phases and we all met with the Projection Designer (Will) back at Wells Way Pop-Up to play with the visual aesthetics.

IMG_0903Amelia had created a lovely DIY set with materials lying around and a few bargain purchases, including household style tools and contraptions that allowed us to play with the sense of balance and continuous movement.

Will then projected on to the set, and mapped certain elements in to his computer.  Magically, he could then send video feeds to individual parts of the stage concurrently, all from the one projector.  This enabled us to bring alive components with the set, explore the concept of water and even play with projecting on to balloons!

IMG_0914Here’s a few pictures from the day too and we really look forward to working on the ideas and bringing them to the stage in March.