Norfolk Young Carers Forum Meeting 17th Jan

We met with 6 members of Norfolk young carers to bring together their ideas for Freefall. Emrys and I introduced the Freefall production development and how the staging design was coming along, how it expressed the thoughts of the main character Jas. The carers were impressed by the effect of lighting and projections. We also showed them the ‘Tiny Treasures’ video showing them other carers who are involved in raising awareness of young carers and what they do on a daily basis.

We wanted to get the carers thoughts and reflections on being a young carer and why it’s so important to get others to understand their perspective through the Freefall production.

Sophie recorded their thoughts:

We also presented them with a chance to explain who they are:

Young carers profile:

Chloe: ‘Hi I’m Chloe and I’m 17 years old, I look after my mum and two brothers. My mum has Lupus disease, my older brother has mental health issues as well as ADHD. My younger brother has autism and ADHD. I also help look after my three year old sister. I also have mental health issues’

Daniel: ‘Young carers need to be recognized, otherwise the constant struggles young carers go through won’t get better. With the project it will help raise the profile of young carers and what they do and will hopefully get them thee support they need before they hit breaking point and drama offers a unique perspective that would work on a wider audience’.

Taicha: ‘ Hi I’m Taicha,  I now care for my mum, I’ve been caring for people in my family most of my childhood. Young carers need support so they can get things off their chest and know they’re not alone.’ ‘For me young carers support means being able to make friends with people who understand what its like’.

Elizabeth & Danielle: ‘Hi we’re Elizabeth and Danielle, we care for our parents, sister and brother and have done since we were both really little. Young carers like us need support so they can let of steam. Without support young carers won’t have anyone to talk to and will be isolated’.

Bronze Arts Award was introduced to the carers so they can take part in the Freefall project and actively promote by accrediting the work they’re already doing.  This includes taking part in our workshops, being within the audience watching one of the shows on 27th Feb, 6th March or 10th March, putting together individual research online about a group or artist, or arranging an interview with one of our professionals and running a creative warm-up at one of their forum meetings or presenting their skills on 10th March.

It was a great meeting and sharing ideas for the production with the carers and hope they will like to get more actively involved.