Brand new Freefall Draft

Freefall Inspiration:

I’ve just started a new way of working which is quite exciting. Before writing a word of the latest draft of Freefall, I looked around my loft where I work, had an idea, and painted the wall white. As you do. Then I got all my daughters felt tip pens out and used them to jot down ideas, sketches, thoughts, bits of dialogue, a heart shape here, a starburst there…. I felt the draft taking shape because I could see it, and leaping up every few minutes to draw a (bad) picture of a house/school/broken heart/teenage boy doing yoga really felt different. Normally, I just sit there for hours…days… weeks.. getting very….sat. So all this moving, colouring, drawing, sticking- oh yes, I’ve been also sticking pictures, postcards, images….-has been different. I’ve had more visual and three dimensional ideas, I think, and also I keep looking at it all, over and over again and then-

The Big LIGHTBULB! Moment came when I realised I had the space to plot out the entire play, scene by scene, moment by moment, the ups and the downs, around the wall. You don’t get paper that big, which is why walls are great, and tempting, and why we don’t usually write on them. So it also feels quite fun to do something a little bit naughty.

Anna, playwright

Anna’s Freefall Wall! 

freefall wall 1 freewall 1