Freefall – a Stage Management view


I’m Karen and I’m the Stage Manager on this exciting project called Freefall. I come from a varied background having started life as a Sport Scientist, but then found theatre and haven’t looked back. I’ve worked on a wide range of shows from regional tours, West End musicals, pantomime, and more recently, immersive shows such as ‘The Drowned Man’ with Punchdrunk and ‘Back to the Future’ with Secret Cinema. When I was approached by Emrys to work on this project, I jumped at the opportunity to do something new on a very worthwhile and important subject.

Before rehearsals even started, I was involved in making contact with the team, reading the script and seeing where the key moments occur, and collecting kit (lots of it!) from Unit Twenty Three HQ.

On the first day of rehearsals was a case of arriving before anyone else and getting the room set up. Then, we started! Stuart and April started working on the script – adding notes about our characters and how they interact with each other. By the end of the day we had achieved a lot and were full of enthusiasm.

Day 2 brought the arrival of Amelia Bird, our designer. Amelia and I went out shopping for stuff – a good part of the job! We also had a visit from a photographer from the EDP. We all posed for photos!

Posing for the photographer

Stuart and April posing for the photographer

We are well on the journey to tell the story of Jas. There’s still a lot to be done but we will get there….