Week 1 Complete!

It seems such a long time since we first met up in the rehearsal space to start our Freefall journey, but in reality it’s only 5 days! In this short space of time the team has created some truly great work and the story of Jas is becoming real.

Amelia has transformed a blank space into an area where Jas now exists. Will has put texture and dynamism into it, and Simon has created a soundscape which captures the nuances of the movement work developed by Simon and Helen. Fronting all this is the work done by April who truly inhabits Jas and the people in her world.

As in all creative processes, there have been stresses and challenges. One of the best ones was the non delivery of 10 meters of white cotton sheeting. We needed it to create the screen onto which Will’s animations are projected. It was supposed to arrive on Thursday. However, phone calls to the supplier revealed that it wasn’t even on the delivery van! So as Stage Manager, I jumped into the car, drove all the way back to Norwich, picked up more material and made it back just before the afternoon session was due to start. Life is never dull!

Next week is going to be full on. We move venues, nay counties, as we travel down to Ipswich. Plus, we start sharing our work with an audience. Should be fun!