A blog by Actress Genevieve on the 2016 Spring Tour

So this stage of Freefall has finally come to an end and I must say it has gone fast. Each school, each different group of young people brought an individual energy to the workshop so that no two performances ever felt the same. Highlights certainly include our two development days with the young adult carer volunteers from Suffolk and Norfolk. Meeting so many extraordinary young adults who so openly shared their own stories really hammered home the harsh reality of Jasmine's life and, having made connections with these individuals, I was finally able to feel like I knew Jas and could begin to play her from a point of not total ignorance. It has been a moving, inspiring, disturbing and fulfilling experience, watching children react and respond to our workshop. It has undoubtedly given many young people a platform to open up, others the motivation to take action and some the simple opportunity of learning exactly what a young carer is. Clearly there are still hundreds of carers out there afraid to speak up and seek the support they need, but if our workshop has helped just a small handful across the country – which I am absolutely sure it has – then I am very glad to have been involved.